The Brellis House


Second floor updates

Posted on March 10th, 2013 by Susanna

We’ve made lots of progress since our last post about our upstairs improvements.  After finishing the drywall, installing recessed lights, and putting in some extra insulation, we hung some bead board on the knee walls, painted everything (took FOREVER) and finally layed the new floor. Laying the floor was way too much fun, I seriously could lay floors all day long.


DSC_7927DSC_7943 The new floors made such a huge difference, especially once we put all the trim back up. We especially love our upstairs now because it’s like a giant dance floor- we’ve hosted a few dance parties, including a break dancing party:


So then we got started on our closet.  We decided to try and build it ourselves.

closet building

closet buildingcloset buildingcloset building

It worked out really well and is ridiculously more functional than our old single rod closet. Next post we’ll have some final photos and a budget breakdown!

Second Floor Improvements

Posted on January 21st, 2013 by Susanna

After a long and lazy hiatus from anything home-improvement related we finally dove into fixing up our upstairs.  Here it is after we took out a lot of stuff and started to work on the drywall seams.     upstairsupstairs

And here is my very disorganized “craft corner”:

disorganized "craft corner"

And the worst closet in the world:

gross closet

So far we’ve finished the drywall seams which were just raw seams since we bought the house, installed recessed lights, and added some insulation where it was lacking (no wonder its so cold up there!).  Here’s a picture of Dan doing some insulation/ electrical work. Thank goodness he’s so skinny!upstairs

Although anything we do up there will be an improvement, we’ve got big plans!  Here’s some of my inspiration: