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Nature and Fall

Posted on November 5th, 2011 by Dan

Last weekend we decided that we had limited opportunities left to go outside and enjoy the last remnants of a Maryland fall before we were covered in snow. Baltimore  has lots of parks, but its best kept secret is Cylburn Arboretum. Not only are the main grounds of the arboretum beautiful, but the large majority of the 207 acre property is forested… right in the middle of Baltimore City!

We had fun with our camera, so here’s a few fun shots to share.

Shelf Mushrooms

Maple Leafs

Somewhere down a very large hill are the foundations of servant houses that belonged to the owners of the property back in the late 19th century. We found lots of cool mosses, especially this 3.5ft2 patch covering a stone wall.

Moss on wall

Another moss growing on a log with sporophytes.

Moss with sporophytes

Moss with sporophytes

It started off chilly, but warmed up as we hiked up and down hills, away from the buildings and grass paths. It was a fun day getting outside and being able to appreciate the beauty autumn has to offer. We hope you get a chance to spend a day outside before all the leaves are gone and it’s far too cold!