The Brellis House


Kitchen Updates

Posted on August 23rd, 2014 by Susanna

One thing that has been on our kitchen to-do list for years is to build a pull out trash can to replace the empty space where a dish washer should be. Dan finally finished it and it makes our kitchen renovation one giant step closer to actually being finished!



To keep the cabinet consistent, we decided to reuse the original cabinet that held the sink. We took inspiration and some guidance from tutorials from Makely and Young House Love. First, Dan had to cut a section out of it and then splice it back together to get it to be the right size.


After that, we puttied the seams and painted the front. Since the cabinet is pretty old, we reinforced the side walls with 1/4″ plywood and installed sliding arms on either side. To utilize the cabinet’s height, we removed the center front plate.


We bought the trash cans from simplehuman and made a box the width of the sliding arms that would fit them snugly.


Just like the cabinet, Dan took the doors and decorative top plate and cut them to size. He used metal brackets to secure them together and a 1/8″ board of  plywood to replicate the center block that we removed from the cabinet.


All that was left for building it was to screw the trash can box to the sliding arms and secure the door to the box.


Although the whole building of the cabinet took extremely long of on-and-off work, the hardest part was wedging it into place- under a concrete counter top and on slightly uneven tiles.


After two coats of primer, I put on a final coat of paint and added the door knob. Fairly seamless one first blush! A simple kick plate across the cabinets and sink helps tie everything together.


Kitchen pull out trash can. The Brellis House

Kitchen pull out trash can. The Brellis House


Kitchen photos

Posted on March 25th, 2013 by Susanna

The Our House section of our blog has had only before pictures- so in an attempt to update with some current photos I took some quick photos of our kitchen this morning.  It was a good excuse to give it a good ol’ clean.


kitchen open shelves kitchenkitchen kitchenopen shelves kitchen

We’d call it 95% done. There are still some minor things I’d like to get done:

-make a window curtain
-paint/replace kickboards under cabinets
-make a pull-out trash/recycling compartment
-make a small shelf to the right of the fridge for cereal and bags
– finish up some trim around the island and cabinets


Kitchen Improvements

Posted on April 7th, 2012 by Susanna

cat in fish tankAs much as we wanted to make a terrarium in our huge empty fishtank, we decided we didn’t want to give up valuable window space for it.  Since it was a real eyesore in the kitchen, we finally put it in the basement (for now). This left a big, empty wall that I had plans for. In less than 2 hours, we whipped up this bulletin board to fill up the space and give us a place to have photos, wedding invitations and other pretty things to look at.  Here’s how we did it: First I found the biggest cardboard box from my collection in the basement (I’m a hoarder) and cut out one of the sides. Then we made a wooden frame from a hunk of wood we had in the basement (hoarder). We stapled the frame to the cardboard with a staple gun and then wrapped it with some white batting-like felt that I had bought as a remnant a while ago just because I knew I’d need it some day (hoarder), and then a piece of burlapy fabric that I did go to the store and buy real quick. The yard of fabric was the only purchased item for this project. It pays to be a hoarder. With two nails in the wall, we hung it up and started pinning things.

bulletin board


The second improvement to the clutter corner in our kitchen was covering the faux wood pattern on the end of the cabinet with beadboard like we had planned to do years ago, and painted it. FINALLY!

kitchen cabinets

We still have to add some trim across the bottom and minor things that like.