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Baked Chocolate Donuts

Posted on January 19th, 2014 by Susanna

Dan got a donut pan for Christmas- something I was pretty excited about since we can now decrease our fried food intake. I’ve had a hankering for regular old glazed chocolate donuts so we made them today. We used this recipe and just subbed the egg with a flax egg and milk with rice milk. Dan also decided to make a chocolate ganache topping. chocolate donuts chocolate donuts

They turned out pretty good but I think I’ll try a different recipe next time. They seemed a little too cakey and spongy.

Blueberry Glaze Doughnuts

Posted on June 29th, 2012 by Dan

I’ve been overwhelmed with how bountiful and beautiful summer is. Farmer’s markets are full of fresh produce and I’m hoarding berries. So far we’ve bought/foraged and frozen cherries, black berries, plums, and wineberries. Our freezer is literally stuffed to the brim and we can barely keep it closed.

Among the berries I haven’t frozen are blueberries. I bought some last week to use for a dessert competition at Berry Festival. Last year we placed second with a berry, lemon torte. This year, we decided to make doughnuts, though Susanna was skeptical, topped with a blueberry glaze.

Blueberry Glaze Doughnuts

They despite the fear, they turned out awesome. Light, fluffy, airy, fried doughnuts that would beat the pants off of Dunkin Donuts…

Unfortunately, they didn’t beat the winner at the Berry Festival… popsicles. I know right?

Inside of DoughnutOh well, better luck next year. For anyone who wants to serve an amazing dessert/breakfast/snack, but maybe not win in a competition, I used the dough from VeganDad’s Vegan Chocolate-Glazed Donuts. I doubled the recipe and got 40-45 doughnuts out of them.

It took me a bit of time to figure out what to do for the glaze. Nightmarish memories of overly sweet, runny icing rushed back to me. As I’m complaining to Susanna with my glazey woes, she suggests, “Just mush up some blueberries and mix them with sugar”. And that’s what I did!

Blueberry Icing

Ingredients (for 40 mini doughnuts, adjust as necessary)

  • 1/4 – 1/2 pint fresh, organic blueberries
  • powdered sugar


This method has no real measurements. It makes it tough to describe, but super easy in that if you add too much of the one ingredient, you add more of the other. Also, since you start out with a little bit, you don’t have to worry about making more than you need.

  1. Start by placing a 1/4 cup of blueberries in a flat bottoms bowl and mash them to a pulp with a potato masher. Make sure there are no chunky parts (save for the bits of skins) and mash them enough so the purple pigment from the skin is extruded into the juice.
  2. Transfer about half of the blueberry soup into a mixing bowl, and using an electronic hand mixer, stir the blueberry soup on low while sprinkling in some powdered sugar until it totally clumpy and won’t mix (more than you think). Now, add in a little but more blueberry liquid while mixing until it just comes together. This might take some practice, but if you add too much liquid, just add more sugar (and vice versa).
  3. Stop when the mixture is thick, like room temperature molasses. Now dip your doughnuts and move them around to make sure the entire top is covered, but not goopy.  The icing should flow just enough to smooth out any peaks or ripples, but shouldn’t really run down the sides. It should stiffen within a minute of being on the doughnut.
  4. Once your glaze reserve is too low to dip a doughnut, just add in some more powdered sugar and repeat step 2. Additionally, you can heat up the bowl just slightly until the glaze is runny, but it will harden quickly afterwards.