The Brellis House


Second floor updates

Posted on March 10th, 2013 by Susanna

We’ve made lots of progress since our last post about our upstairs improvements.  After finishing the drywall, installing recessed lights, and putting in some extra insulation, we hung some bead board on the knee walls, painted everything (took FOREVER) and finally layed the new floor. Laying the floor was way too much fun, I seriously could lay floors all day long.


DSC_7927DSC_7943 The new floors made such a huge difference, especially once we put all the trim back up. We especially love our upstairs now because it’s like a giant dance floor- we’ve hosted a few dance parties, including a break dancing party:


So then we got started on our closet.  We decided to try and build it ourselves.

closet building

closet buildingcloset buildingcloset building

It worked out really well and is ridiculously more functional than our old single rod closet. Next post we’ll have some final photos and a budget breakdown!

Closet Desk

Posted on April 16th, 2012 by Susanna

We had a lot of wallpaper to tackle when we first moved in. It was in the whole basement and all the closets. It was a disaster. We tried every single method possible, and they all failed, until my co-worker let us borrow her steamer and boy was it a miracle. It was still hard work, but we knocked it out in just a few days, where as it would have taken years at the rate we were going with all those other methods (fabric softener, store bought sprays, perforators, etc).  And thanks to all of you family and friends that helped with the removal process!

closet beforecloset wallpaper

After we took the door off of the closet I was inspired to make a desk in this huge space. Since we have no plans of using the room as a bedroom and Dan is basically constantly using his desk, I figured it would be a nice place to store craft stuff and have a place for schoolwork (which usually gets done on the floor).  After making a whole Pinterest Board dedicated to closet desks we set to work.


We decided to use the go-to walnut wood that my parents have. Same wood that I used to make Dan’s bread board, and many other projects… We pieced a few planks together and sanded it nice and smooth.

desk top

And then we made the bases/shelves from some discounted reject wood from home depot.

closet desk shelfcloset desk

There is much left to do, we plan on adding some shelves at the bottom left, so I can organize my piles of fabric scraps and various craft stuff, and create some storage above the desk. I’d also like to find both of us proper desk chairs since we’ve been using our dining room chairs. Lots left to do.