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Best Cellars: Ugly Duckling, Cabernet Sauvignon

Posted on March 3rd, 2012 by Susanna

Ugly Duckling

Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 California

Ugly Duckling

We bought this wine because it had a nice description at the store. It was moderately priced (we can’t remember how much, exactly), so we went for it.  And we’re happy we did.

The label describes it as “bursting with black cherry, berry, and chocolate flavors, with just a hint of oak”.  You can really get a lot out of it just with the smell, it smells sweet, we got a lot of vanilla when we first smelled it.  It smells just like this chocolate orchid that is at the Baltimore Conservatory.  Dan tastes current, I taste a lot of the chocolate. It’s very smooth and drinkable.  It’s sweet, but in a good way, not an over-sweet cheap wine way. Wine Enthusiasts gives it a 90! The Brellis House gives it an 89. Definitely one we’ll get again.