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Cherry-Infused Bourbon Whiskey

Posted on July 2nd, 2012 by Dan

As you may remember, I bought 2 pints of sour cherries from the farmer’s market a few weeks ago. I pitted them all and froze them, hoping to save them until peaches are here for a peach cherry cobbler.

As I was reading about pitting cherries, I saw a recipe for Cherry Pit Vinegar. This made me think what else I could do with my pits. So instead of making vinegar, I decided to infuse my pits into bourbon.

Cherry-Infused Bourbon Whiskey

Image courtesy of This is a total experiment, but I’ve got high hopes for it! Here’s what I did for posterity’s sake.

  1. First, I sterilized a wide-mouthed 3-cup mason jar and lid.
  2. Then I placed about 1 cup of cherry pits in the jar followed by 16 fl oz bourbon whiskey.
  3. Sealed it up, shook it and put it in the closet. I plan to leave it there for 3 weeks (shaking once a week), then I’ll strain out the pits through a cheese cloth and store in the jar.

I used Black Eagle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey (80 proof) for what it’s worth. It was cheap, but not the cheapest, I think about $12 for a 750mL bottle. In case it didn’t take in as much flavor as I would have liked after 3 weeks, I saved about 1 Tbsp of cherry juice in the freezer that I can add into the final product.

I’m going a little overboard maybe with the whole pit thing. I have about 3lbs of plum pits in the refrigerator that I want to infuse into brandy and vodka. Worth a shot, right?