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Posted on August 2nd, 2013 by Susanna

My grandfather was a big collector of clocks towards the end of his life. I inherited a few clocks, and also a few pocket watches. They’ve been sitting around in a box for years and I’ve been wanting to put them in shadowboxes and up on the wall. Finally we did it! Here are some of the watches.


I had two frames from Ikea and another shadowbox from my grandmother that we were able to fit five of the seven watches in. After googling around for a minute about how to secure heavy items in a shadowbox with no real luck (most involve tape or sewing the item to the backing or pinning, none of which were an option since these watches are so heavy and we didn’t have real shadowbox backings that we could pin into) I got the idea to use fishing wire and try to dangle them from the top of the frame. It worked perfectly. Then I found a third shadowbox at a secondhand store that I was able to paint black and put the last two watches in. I ran out of fishing wire and ended up using thread which actually looks a lot nicer. Now if only we had done this years ago- it was so easy! Oh, and I was singing Fiona Apple’s Shadowboxer the entire time which was pretty annoying.

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