The Brellis House


About Us

Susanna and Dan

We are the Brellis’. We met in college in an environmental club (yes we are dorks),  bought our house, got married, and here we are, documenting the process of fixing our house up, plus other random tidbits of our lives.

We bought our house in March of 2010. It was an abandoned foreclosure, in desperate need of love and attention. Many things caught our eyes about it- the huge wooded backyard, the nice smallish size (we had looked at a lot of way too big houses), proximity to major highways and most importantly, the nice selection of hardware stores less than 5 minutes away (actually we didn’t realize how convenient that was until after we bought the house).

We take our time with things over here at The Brellis House. Our house comes second most of the time. We love making things from scratch; bread, boxes, pasta, furniture, websites (like this one)… so pretty much everything we do takes a long time. If you ever feel bogged down about your productivity from reading all those other home improvement blogs, we’ll be a nice respite. We’re learning as we go, with the help of the internet, family and friends.

Susanna Brellis
About Susanna

Susanna’s interests include anything pertaining to cats: snuggling, taking photos of, and talking nonstop about; music: listening to and dabbling with playing mandolin, piano, violin, accordion, any other instrument her parents lend; botany; spending hours on pinterest;  gardening, volunteering at various non-profits.

Dan Brellis
About Dan

Dan spends most of his time working on the computer, cooking and baking bread. He also loves to eat and photograph his food, play mandobass, make sure everything we ever build is more square then our house’s structure ever will be, and, of course, be with Susanna 🙂