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Sappy Sap

I spend a lot of time on craigslist… when I saw a post giving away maple sap for free I got seriously excited. I’ve always wanted to make maple syrup, but tapping trees sounds like a lot of work. So we e-mailed the guy and picked up 13 gallons of sap the next day, and immediately started boiling it. Thank goodness we had an empty carboy plus a bucket for brewing to transport the sap.

maple sap

We had 3 pots going at once and about 20 hours later we had about a quart and a half of maple syrup!

boiling sap

It was super easy and super fun. I sure wish we had a hood over our stove though, our house got pretty steamy, and was above 65 degrees for the first time this winter! Anyway, Dan was thoughtful enough to take some samples as we boiled and so we got these cool pictures to compare the colors along the boiling process.


We ended up combining all of these samples towards the end and boiling it down a little more so it got even darker. We made pancakes last weekend and used it- delicious! I may be biased, but I think it’s the best maple syrup I’ve ever had!

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