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Sourdough Starter

It’s alive! I’m very excited to have successfully developed my very own sourdough starter! I haven’t baked with it yet, but it’s doubling in size every 12 hours, so it’s ready.

Sourdough Starter doubled in size

The first bread I want to make with it is a white cranberry pecan, reminiscent of a delicious bread from a cafe where I used to work.

Sourdough Starter Bubbles

This is actually the second try at a starter. The first one failed miserably when I tried it a month or so ago. Spring came quickly this year and a switch from 40° days to over 60° days made all the difference in the world for my starter. Not to mention, my first attempt was ultimately destroyed but a curious cat- Michi knocked it over and left her dough stained paw prints all over the table…

Sourdough Starter

Never the less, I’m excited to begin my own sourdough adventure. I followed the steps from Pinch My Salt, if you’d too like to follow along. Also, I need to divide this every week or so, so if you’re interested in starting your own (and live nearby), I’ll give you some of mine.

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