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I decided that making a quilt would be a good winter activity to do while I still have time before I start school at the end of the month. After collecting lots of inspirations on Pinterest I decided this one would be what I’m trying to mimic:

Via Pinterest

So off to Joanne’s I went with my coupons in hand, and $100 later (yikes! how do they sell these things for so cheap??) I came home with 10 yards of fabric and started cutting.

piecing the quilt

I laid out my squares on the floor and of course every time I had them all neat and nicely randomized, Michi decided to play tornado.

I sewed squares together for about 3 days straight and I now have the completed front (but no picture yet). I have to still get the backing fabric and some batting so I can start the actual quilting process. Hopefully I’ll have this thing done by the time school starts! I’m so excited about it! It’s so satisfying! I was hesitant to have my first quilting project be such a huge quilt but I’m glad I did it (so far).

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