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More Wall Art (Finally)

After over a year of very empty walls, we’re finally getting around to hanging some art and pictures on the walls. We finally printed some photos from our wedding and our trip to France earlier this year and framed them and hung them in the living room. Eventually more framed pictures will fill the wall a little more but this is what it looks like now.

Tonight I did a quick painting of a tree on a hunk of wood we’ve had laying around (we actually found it floating around in a river and brought it home). I hung it in the hallway along with a frame we made a long time ago that will one day get a picture in it, two pictures that my sister gave me, and a birthday card of a whale that Dan got this year that I liked so much I framed it.Again, I plan on filling it a bit more. I had a burst of Christmas spirit and added an anise star to the top of the tree. Hehe.

I’m pretty excited to get all of these things off of the ground where they were collecting major cat fuzzballs.


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