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New camera!

We decided rather than taking a nice trip or doing anything for our (Year#1!) anniversary we’d splurge and buy ourselves a new SLR camera. We’re pretty excited about it. After lots of research we decided on the Nikon 3100. It was a tough choice but we didn’t want anything too too fancy since we’re just beginners. And we are definitely still just figuring it out.

Nikon 3100

Hopefully this camera will make us post more often! Michi is, of course, my favorite subject so here are some pictures taken with the new camera:

Michi in our sink

Michi cat


And this was my mini project today:

hardware organized

I organized our big box of random nails and screws, we’ll see how long this system works..


Have any photography tips for us? We need them!

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  1. Cool! Jake has a Canon SLR. They take such good pictures. Almost anything you take turns out nice. Enjoy 🙂 Happy early Anniversary!

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