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Happy Fall!

Can’t believe it’s already fall! It’s starting too cool down, which means less mosquitoes and more bonfires!

fall bonfires

My mini project of the weekend was to build a box. You see, the recessed shelf we built in our bathroom has pretty narrow shelves, and I looked high and low for baskets or boxes or any kind of container that was tall and narrow. No success. So, as is typical of us, I decide to come up with something from scratch. First brainstorm was to cover a shoebox with fabric, which worked really well.

But then DIY wooden boxes started popping up in my internet surfing and I really wanted to give it a try.  So we went to Lowes, in their nice little craft wood section, and found one lonely warped piece of wood. Of course it was the only one of the size and type we wanted, Dan didn’t want to get it, but I insisted. So I brought it home, cut it up, stained it, put on a clear coat (leftover from our hardwood refinishing project). Easy peasy! Now  I just have to wait for our Lowes to get some more of that wood so I can make some more. Sorry we didn’t get many pictures of the process.


staining bathroom boxbathroom box

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