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Thanks Irene

Last weekend was had a visit from the iniquitous Hurricane Irene. This was big news for many of us on the mid East Coast because we rarely have to worry about hurricanes making it past the Carolinas.

Everyone was, for lack of better words, freaking out. Susanna’s work had safety meetings where they recommended everyone to save up batteries, canned food, fill up water bottles and turn the refrigerator to its coldest setting (in anticipation for power loss).

The day of the storm it got dark early and was windy all day. We crammed all of our outdoor plants into our greenhouse, hoping it wouldn’t blow away.


It started lightly raining in the afternoon when we realized we wanted to clean out our gutters. So, as the rain and lightening picked up, I was cleaning our gutters in the encroaching hurricane.

Luckily, I made it back inside unscathed. And around 8:00, the heavy rains, thunder, lightening and winds really picked up. We were pretty scared. We have a lot of large, old trees in our backyard and our neighbors’ and we were really afraid they might fall… on our house.

However, no such misfortune. We lost power for a few minutes in the middle of the night. We definitely fared better than a lot of our friends who lost power for a straight week in the wake of the storm.

Here’s some photos of our ‘damage’ and our restoration.

Back deck after the hurricaneSwept back deck after the hurricane

Did you experience Irene? Hope you came out of it as lucky as wee did. Let us know.

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